Kevin Boldt

University of Calgary

Kevin Boldt is a doctoral student (Vanier scholar) at the University of Calgary studying under Dr. Walter Herzog. His research is focused on evaluating how the heart adapts to exercise and ways to maximize this adaptation. Kevin is a CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist and CSEP-High Performance Specialist. He will undertake post-doctoral studies with Stu Phillips in 2020-2021. Publications Manuscripts (n=8 published, n=2 Submitted, n=4 Under review): • Boldt, K. R., Han, S. Joumaa, V., & Herzog, W. (Submitted to Journal of Applied Physiology) Residual and passive force enhancement in skinned cardiac fibre bundles • Boldt, K. R., MacDonald, G., Joumaa, V., & Herzog, W. (Submitted to APNM). Mechanical adaptations of skinned cardiac muscle in response to dietary-induced childhood obesity in rats • Boldt, K. R., Rios, J. L., Joumaa, V., & Herzog, W. (2018). Force properties of skinned cardiac fibres following increasing volumes of aerobic exercise in rats. Journal of Applied Physiology 125(2), 495-503. • Rios, J. L., Boldt, K. R., Mather, J. W., Seerattan, R. A., Hart, D. A., & Herzog, W. (2018). Quantifying the effects of different treadmill training speeds and durations on the health of rat knee joints. Sports Medicine Open, 4(15). 1-10 • Rios J. L., Boldt K. R., Seerattan R. A., Hart D. A., & Herzog W. (2016). High mileage walking does not lead to osteoarthritis changes in the rat knee. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 24(1):S399-S400 • Boldt, K. R., Killick, A., & Herzog, W. (2016). Quadrupedal locomotion-respiration coupling and metabolic economy in cross-country skiers, Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 32(1), 1-6 • Boldt, K. R., Joumaa, V., & Herzog, W. (2015). Residual force enhancement in cardiac myofibrils, Biophysical Journal 108(2), 591 • Capozzi, L. C., Boldt, K. R., Easaw, J., Bultz, B., & Culos-Reed S. N. (2015). Evaluating a 12-week exercise program for brain cancer patients, Psychooncology, 25(3), 354-358 • Capozzi, L. C., Boldt, K. R., Lau, H., Shirt, L., Bultz, B., Culos-Reed, S. N. (2014). A clinic-supported group exercise program for head and neck cancer survivors: managing cancer and treatment side effects to improve quality of life. Supportive Care in Cancer, 23(4), 1001-1007 • Boldt, K. R., Killick, A., & Herzog, W. (2013). Energetics and metabolic economy of cross-country skiing. Journal of Undergraduate Research in Alberta, 3(1) Book Chapters (n=2): • Herzog W., Killick A., Boldt K. R., & Onasch F (2017). Energetic and Muscle Mechanics Considerations in Cross-Country Skiing. Science and Skiing VI, Edts. Erich Müller et al., Meyer & Meyer, Germany, 225-238 • Herzog, W., Killick, A., & Boldt, K. R. (2015). Energetic Considerations in Cross-Country Skiing. The Active Life Series; Sport Performance. Springer, Tokyo Japan, 247-260

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Symposium: Muscle Function and Control in Adapted States

Point Sainte-Anne B

Friday, November 4, 2022 @ 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM